Tv is one of the most used and essential home appliances. Perfection and simplicity, two poles apart characteristics come together in LG’s OLED TV. Designed to uplift your home entertainment to a cinematic level like never before. From an ultra-thin simple and minimalistic design that goes with any décor to delivering unparallel audiovisual experience, LG OLED Tv is one of its kind. LG OLED Tv rules the premium TV market. LG continues to establish its strong foothold in the OLED TV Market with impressive, industry-topping sales in 2018. Also, it has been receiving CES Innovation Awards for seven consecutive years. LG has proved it again and again that it’s the one and only industry leader.

What is OLED technology?

Unlike the LCD/LED TVs, OLED TVs do not require a backlight. In fact, it is made from the materials that can emit light when electricity is applied to them. This results in a fast response rate, infinite contrast, and brilliant colors. It has fine and wide viewing angles better than LCD/LED TVs.

Perfect Black

The perfect black eliminates the back-light panel which makes the design of LG OLED TV paper-thin.

Self-lighting Pixel

The no backlight feature or self- lighting pixel is the main essence of the LG OLED Tv. With this technology, every single pixel gets illuminated which gives you perfect black and higher clarity.

Designed for Perfection

Paper-thin glass design that brings to you a stunning picture. Not only this, when the TV is switched off it serves as an art piece to your wall. Giving a perfect look to your room!

A display like no other

LG OLED TV is powered by a revolutionary technology of self-lighting pixel that extracts perfect black, million colors and an infinite contrast ratio to deliver you the most realistic images. It delivers brightness when needed with LG’s Ultra Luminance technology. These features complement the HDR technology, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG HDR, Advanced HDR by Technicolor

LG’s OLED Tv is the first to bring its user the technology that lets you enjoy a cinematic experience with great color, contrast, and brightness. Unlike other TV’s in the market, LG OLED TV is completely black without any extra light. Thanks to self-lighting pixels, there is no motion blur and clear images can be from every viewing angle.

A complete package of a wonderful experience

To give you the home entertainment feel, it features advanced sound technology with Dolby Atmos with eARC support. With the webOS smart TV platform, users can jump into their favorite TV shows and movies. You can enjoy entertainment on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, and Zee5,

Why is it a must-buy?

  • Latest & World’s best Display Technology-OLED
  • Enjoy Cinematic Experience with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • Support all HDR Format through Active HDR, which provide viewing details with finesse
  • The slimmer design is the best fit for your home décor
  • 100 times Deeper Blacks than conventional LEDs that result in Infinite contrast for a detailed Scene or Movie.
  • Get captivated and charm others with a charming experience.

If you’re looking for a masterpiece for your home and a fascinating TV viewing then, LG OLED Tv is the one. Step into the world of wonders with LG OLED TV.

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